We believe good design is
the natural outcome of a healthy
collaborative process.

We view every new project as an opportunity to evolve the common workplace. Working as a group and guided by the tenets that define MASHstudios principles, we study our client’s culture, clarify their needs, and pinpoint specific goals and unique interests. We experiment with form, massing, and materials, finally taking our best design ideas through a rigorous and effective development process. When we’ve reached a consensus, our engineers finesse the details. Most ideas are tested on prototypes where we tweak details and materials, and alleviate fussy and unnecessary elements that can interfere with execution and functionality. Some prototypes have futures, others are retired and the most interesting elements are harvested to be used on new designs.

Working with prototypes affords us a more intimate knowledge of our designs and how they works in relation to the interior architecture and our clients’ requirements. We have more freedom to detail and can test the durability of materials with real methods. When we’re confident that our product is ready, we oversee the production and installation of the finished work to ensure that it surpasses the highest standards.