Our goal is that you should be able to launch your site faster than you’ve ever launched a premium WordPress site before.

The Speed Launch: This theme will work out of the box without touching a single Theme Option. There’s no need to spend hours riffling through the theme documentation and wrapping your head around proprietary systems, shortcodes, or half-baked user interfaces. Just do this:

  1. Install the theme.
  2. Click the plugin installer.
  3. That’s it. You’re done!

From there, you can do all sorts of things. Visit the Appearances > Theme Options panel to upload your logo, pick colors, and set the theme basics up. Head over to the Appearances > Menus and Appearances > Widgets panels to assign navigation menus and sidebar spaces. Finally, add a couple pages and use the in-page Theme Page Options panel to customize the layouts.

Setting up a portfolio: Just add a couple posts; make sure each one has a Featured Image, and then create a page using the Post Grid template to fill out the advanced grid options. The theme has built-in tooltips & visual guides for every option available, so you can’t possibly get lost!

Setting up the Background Slider & Homepage: Just create a page, open the Theme Page Options panel below the page editor, and add a few images by clicking the big blue «Add New» button under the Custom Background Slider option. Note: The title, description, and URL aren’t used with this theme. We used the blank layout for the homepage, but you can use any of the pre-built layouts that you’d like!

Remember to visit the Settings > Reading panel to assign a static homepage unless you want to display your latest blog posts.

For everything else, this theme works the way that any basic WordPress works, nothing more, nothing less. As such, we’ve followed a few guiding principles when building this theme:


  • All WordPress standard features work out of the box.
  • Using the theme is intuitive. You won’t need to read the manual unless you really want to.
  • No bloated or buggy features just to list them on the marketing page.
  • Theme options are all visually appealing and easy to understand.
  • Theme customizations happen in the Theme Customizer panel where you can see your changes LIVE before you save them.
  • Theme Options & Customization are just that – options. You can use the theme without filling them out.
  • Extended features are added via standards friendly plugins, not baked into the theme.
  • Plugins & Add-Ons are also totally optional. Don’t want to use the plugins we used in the demo? That’s fine. You can use your own plugins without any special coding.